Hello world!

Often I have found myself lost in musings – personal, political, cultural, and the likes. Hitherto I was of the opinion that making these musings public was futile and puposeless. Sometimes, I would scribble some of them down if they troubled me a little too much. Lately, this notion has changed. Giving shape to a thought, however parochial or broad-based it might be, is a rather constructive practice. Sharing it on a public forum is an extension of one’s self expression as well.

It is with these two ideas that I finally thought of creating my own blog. I do not wish to categorise my musings/writings. I will try and present my thoughts in as much a coherent manner as my abilities will permit me to, as and when they strike me.

I would like all of you to leave your comments as you deem fit for the the posts.

Happy Reading!

P.S: But at the end of the day categorization became a necessity!


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