Being (Jali) Bong!!

Bengalis are an -for the lack of a better expression- odd lot! They love to turn pejoratives into adjectives. They bask in the glory of their supposed superiority (and earn the wrath of rest of India). They christen people with terms such 'Bandha Kopi' (Cabbage), 'Tentul' (Tamarind), 'Khotta' (Bad character) and other epithets (which I …

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Uptight, frigid, cold Smothered with hugs Rush of feline encore Expressions galore   Innocence or facade Vicious viper, maybe not Back-bites, moves forward Smiles, tightening knot   Quiet, broody, funny Lazy, tolerant, inscrutable Bit of a reticent bunny Aloof, warm, fathomable?   Not just gross-out joker No self-conscious prude Jealous, intelligent, insecure Explosive, moody, shrewd …

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