Uptight, frigid, cold

Smothered with hugs

Rush of feline encore

Expressions galore


Innocence or facade

Vicious viper, maybe not

Back-bites, moves forward

Smiles, tightening knot


Quiet, broody, funny

Lazy, tolerant, inscrutable

Bit of a reticent bunny

Aloof, warm, fathomable?


Not just gross-out joker

No self-conscious prude

Jealous, intelligent, insecure

Explosive, moody, shrewd


Pretty face, fragile, grace

Dresses, mascara, polish

Fiercely loyal, at times a mess

If crossed, turns ghoulish!


Loud, unbridled, bull-headed

Rolling stone, never contemplates

Forget for a while, clean-hearted

Love, vilify, glorify or hate


Unsure, attention-seeker

In denial, deal breaker!

Rigid, faux, at times wise

Oh! Such a pathetic disguise


Caring, mature, consistent

Little moralistic, resistant

No surprises, no shocks

Sincerity….it rocks!


Feminists, intellectuals, libertines

Understated, over-hyped, Clementine

Measured, restrained, sly

What art thou, without thy???


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