Scribbler on the Prowl….

I have been bitten by the ‘scribble bug’. I itch to write. Not that it has to be something meaningful. But something, anything. Well technically this is not scribbling/doodling. It’s more like typing trash.

But I do scribble. A lot……few vignettes:

A few days back it was raining. One of those days when I did not want it to stop:

Sodden wood work rotting away. Dark shadows. Water dripping down the spines of palm leaves. Blurry high-rises. Ever-increasing puddles on the dark pitch beneath.

The rains against the street-light; twirling, dancing, a smoky frill, coming down in tiny needle-like shards.   

When you are prolific, you supposedly write trash. But when you scribble, then you come up with quite a few one-liners! And you surprise yourself:

  • “I can fall in love with you a thousand times over….but I cannot stay in love with you….”
  • You know the World is still egalitarian when…………A 26-year-old and a 60-year-old sip on Bournvita blissfully while a 7-year-old demands Kurkure!
  • Two of the greatest Arts one should master: The Art of ‘saying no’ & The Art of ‘messing up and acting cool’.

Truth be told I have been going through confusion(s). It is of such a nature that I prefer to keep it to myself. Past experiences have taught me to be reticent –exponentially so – for my own good. Scribbling takes my mind off it or helps to find plausible answers/explanations alternatively.

I am running the risk of dwindling down the spiral of a mindless rant. I would rather stop……..till the next time I am overcome by the urge to ‘post’ my scribbles.


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