When you fag, weed and guzzle on beer

Man, why the fuck should you care?

When I do it for reasons similar to you

Guess what? I am labeled immoral goo

When you hop from bed to bed

My, my you are the man Ted!

If I so much as flirt, talk and score

You propound, I am but a ‘bloody whore’

You want me to be the friend with benefit

If I get ‘emotional’, I become unfit

If I refuse to play along, I am a fool

You tell me I am outdated and uncool!

You have every right to tell me how you feel

I am only supposed to comply and kneel

You can refute, discard or fiddle with me

If I reject, you throw acid at my face with glee

If I hug, laugh and fold up your shirt sleeves

Assume I have a ‘thing’ for you since Valentine’s eve

You give me treats, pay for movies, plan bike-trips

But hey, that’s too much thinking, Woman get a grip!

So here’s a point to ponder dear Man

When you join the unison to condemn rapists

Look inside you, and tell yourself

I do not force myself on her body

And then ask yourself

Am I not ‘raping’ her in my mind repeatedly?

P.S: This is to The Man who ‘fights for our cause’. But as I see it, he’s not quite sure of ‘the cause’. Before you form an opinion, do consider two points:

1. Personal experiences have influenced me heavily. It might or might not be akin to what women face in general.

2. I am not ‘generalizing’. I am merely talking of the prevalent mind-set and I do not think I have digressed too far. However, having said that, I must also thank the ‘exceptions’ I have known. I hope to meet more of their kind and write a tribute someday. 😛


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