Three Little Pigs

There are times when it is excruciatingly difficult to engage oneself in any sort of activity- either by compulsion or by choice. Reasons vary. I do not intend to go into them.

What I intend to do is to write (which I already am) and see where this goes. I do not have any pre-set idea or opinion about anything; just disjointed thoughts.

I was thinking of ‘modern-day relations’ some time back.  A recent Bollywood film ‘Shudh Desi Romance’ – by unanimous vote – depicts the phenomenon rather realistically, I am told. I have not seen the film but the basic premise as I understand it, is ‘indecision’ and ‘commitment phobia’.

Now, I do not want to categorise the trend as ‘good/bad’ or ‘right/wrong’.

As I see things, modern-day relations are perhaps a case of instant gratification rather than long-term contemplation.

We have all read the story of ‘Three Little Pigs’.

The first pig makes a hut out of straw. The big bad wolf huffs and puffs and blows it away and eats the little pig. The second pig makes a house of wood. The big bad wolf huffs and puffs thrice and dismantles it and gobbles him up. The third pig toils and makes a house of brick and the big bad wolf is defeated.

We build straw huts these days because our ‘needs’ must be satisfied while ‘other things’ run smoothly simultaneously. Emotional investment is added baggage these days. Most of us have learnt to segregate it from our ‘needs’ or at least that is what we would like to believe. When the hut is blown away, we are not eaten up by the wolf but it does affect us somewhere, I believe. But as the Fast Track ads propagate, we ‘move on’ with the blink of an eye.

Else, we build wooden houses and vacillate between whether we want it to last or to crumble down. We are not ready for the sacrifices we ought to make for it to last and neither do we want to let go. But mostly we choose to let go and bury the scar deep within knowing someday we will literally get a brick house and a SUV along with it.

As for the brick houses, they are very rare and hard earned. One perhaps makes a lot of sacrifices but it does stay mostly.

Not that I intend to preach here, just a different perspective in times of frequent calls for ‘liberty’ and letting the ‘natural interaction’ between men and women to be accepted and not suppressed. Sometimes, it feels like ‘natural interaction’ has just been reduced to intimacy and nothing more precisely because even the most innocuous act of a girl and boy talking is seen as something unnatural or condemnation-worthy.

It is a lop-sided and uni-dimensional set-up or an anguished one seeing red all the time.

Just a thought. Maybe we could slow down a bit and build brick houses or at least turn the straw huts and log huts into one rather than letting them crumble down?


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