The Trial

You always said he’d come to no good

If it were not for you….

“Good morning, Decider, your honour

The audacious intention of it all

The Jester who now stands before you

Was caught red handed daring to dream

And carve out a life without obligations

Of meager means and uncertain ends

Defying limits and pre-decided vocation

This will not do!

Moron! Reveling in his own ambition

But how can he? He was born….

a low-life, a commoner, painfully ordinary

Condemned to carry on the legacy

He was taught his boundaries

He was told not to tress-pass

To think he was exquisite

Who gave him the prerogative?

In the end, Decider, your honor.

He’d not let you have your way

You were supposed to morph his shape.

But your hands were tied

“My heart bleeds” he wailed and tore at you

Huh! Mere existence was not enough

He knew so little, fool, wanted to explore

And off he went…in to the unknown

Such lunacy, his zeal infectious.

If it were not for you…..

Nothing short of murder!

You….he murdered you.

Sir, didn’t he now?

Steeped in his own selfish desires

The sheer vanity of it all

Why the little piece of shit…

Rotting, toiling, trying to be a hero

You should not have let him go

Decider, your honor, take him home.

Put iron bars in the window.

Seal the door there in the wall

When he goes in…

In all your years of judging

The way he made you suffer,

Ungrateful, adamant, argumentative

Because you imposed..why won’t you?

He is your’s, your own flesh and blood

What right has he to differ?

To decide, to choose, to prefer

Hang him…he doesn’t belong here.

~(Inspired by the Pink Floyd track)


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