He feels neither pain nor hurt

Heady confusion or rustic urge

Abysmal numbness in his soul

Dreams of elusive, eternal bliss

She lives in the moment

Seeking pleasure, getting stung

Tears of joy, buckets of pain

Takes chances again n’ again

The present never begets him

Ghosts of regret and failure

Plagued by restless questions

Boundless void nestles in his heart

She plunges deeper into ephemeral

Moralist with a hedonist’s ideals

Contortions of existential and rational

Fearing permanence and limitations

They collide on a breezy autumn eve

Breaking walls, curled up within

She rips his indifference apart

He questions her toxic facade

She restrains, bypassing moments

He feels abandon in her presence

Tomorrow eludes, today can’t be

Past entails, they be unrequited


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