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World is a relative term; Travel is not. It’s been eons (well relatively) since I set a single foot out of my hometown. And I have been whining for a while now. One of these days, I was absent-mindedly rummaging through Steve McCurry’s photo Blog. Such powerful images from around the World (literally).

The man is an inspiration!

In the year 2008, when the digital revolution was taking baby steps, I got an 8 MP Kodak Digi-Cam; prior to that I had a KB10. The latter frustrated me. Just when I thought that I had captured something good, I was faced with something better! But more often than not, I was short on film and clarity was another issue.

2008 filled me with a new aspiration: not just ‘click’ but ‘shoot’. And shot I have: outskirts of Kolkata, Ladakh, small town Odisha, Goa, Delhi and Jaipur. Apart from Ladakh and the odd day-trips, none of the other places were solely pleasure trips. In between I avoided Delhi-Rajasthan in the winter of 2008 and did not take my camera to Varanasi in the summer of 2010, out of sheer lethargy. In my defense I can say that Varanasi, at that point, was more a compulsion than a delight. If not for anything else, a few shots of Ganga Aarti at the Dashasamedh Ghat would have been great. Not to forget my own city, I have tried to capture her myriad moods time and again as well.

Mr.McCurry gave me an idea. I could archive all these visual stories on my very own travel blog. I live in a country which is a World in itself and I have been to quite a few of these mini-Worlds. Wanderlust was thus born. I am pretty organized, at least on this front, so not much sorting was needed.

As for the KB10, it had its glory days: From the usual HP trail (Dalhousie-Dharamsala-Simla-Kullu-Manali) and Sikkim in 2000, quintessential Odisha with Puri as the starting point in 2002, a short trip within WB (Ghatshila-Galudih-Jhargram) in 2004, to the then unscathed Kinnaur in 2005 and lastly Darjeeling in 2006.

Again, certain places such as Varanasi (’95) Vadodara–Ahmedabad-Mt. Abu (’97) Shantiniketan, Bakkhali, Purulia, Chandipur, etc. (during 96-99) are only there in memory – vaguely or otherwise. There are some snaps, someone else’s perspective, not mine. Earlier than these years, I hardly remember a thing. Photo archives tell me, I have been to almost all parts (if not states) other than the North-East.

I hope to break the jinx soon. Till then the blog can keep my spirits high!

If you are reading this, you can take look as well. This is the link:


Fernweh: A strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore the world



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