Counting Stars…..

When you get up from a long (and not entirely self-imposed) slumber- interspersed with sporadic productivity on the personal front – and get thrown into the vortex of regularity and routine, you wish for those spurts of exuberance on the personal front to linger on…..
Only, it hardly ever does. I tried for a week, and kind of succeeded. Everything went down the drain during the following week. Honestly, I could have held fort, had I been determined enough. I don’t have abnormal working hours, I have a ‘2-day’ weekend and I stay in my home town, the last of which saves me the trouble of taking care of house bills to not so nice house mates. I am left with ample time to ‘do my own thing’. But I choose to sleep, socialise, eat, drink, gossip and make merry…not necessarily in that order.
At times, I find myself asking a few questions regarding how I am leading my life, post the 2-year-long semi-hibernation. Most of the time I was glued to my broken laptop, whiling away time in the most non-innovative ways possible. Stupid online quizzes, ’30 most blah blah’ lists on BuzzFeed, ‘social experiment videos’ on Scoop-Woop, being the voyeur on FB, reading something sensible occasionally and the aforementioned spurts of productivity as this Blog implies…
For the last one and half months, I have been amongst people. I hardly ever am by myself. Sometimes, it irks me but mostly it doesn’t. Books I have been meaning to read lie half-read, things I have been meaning to do gets postponed time and again, DVDs I have borrowed, are accumulating dust….but for now, all of it is okay.

I see this life

Like a swinging vine

Swing my heart across the line

In my face is flashing signs

Seek it out and ye shall find

Old, but I’m not that old

Young, but I’m not that bold

And I don’t think the world is sold

I’m just doing what we’re told

I feel something so right

By doing the wrong thing

And I feel something so wrong

By doing the right thing

I couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

~ One Republic


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