Discovering Medium


I have never been much of an ‘Appy’ person. Sorry pun that it is, there’s no way in which I could better express it. Applications have never been my thing. However, I do take a fair amount of interest in ‘apps’ if I see the slimmest possibility of it being a way to open up new avenues or platforms for writing. That’s how I landed up in WordPress. Ok, well, I am using App as an umbrella term not a technical one. My latest discovery  – a little late in the day – is Medium.

I am not really sure how Medium is as a medium, by which I mean how effective a platform it is for one’s writings to be publicised or even gain from click baiting.

I am not really sure how Medium is as a medium, by which I mean how effective a platform it is for one’s writings to be publicised or even gain from click baiting. I have been hovering on Medium for the last two days – imported a post from here and wrote a fresh one – just getting to know how it works. Well, it definitely gives you more options in terms of aestheticising your post (which I suppose is only possible on WordPress if you have a premium account). It also lets you explore the kind of stuff that is being written about and what ‘sells’. So far so good.

On the downside chances of getting read as an independent writer is rather low. There are closed publications run by several people. Of course, these people have individual accounts on Medium and they post their stories but what makes the difference is having a publication with a select few people. That gets you the ‘following’, the recommendations (to be read) and the comments. By default, your independent posts have a better chance of getting visibility if you ‘run’ or are a ‘part’ of one such publication. So far, I ‘ve come across only one publication that  has a listed email in it’s ‘About Us’ section, which I assume means that they are open to pitches/story ideas. Others maintain strict exclusivity. On what basis, I have no clue. I’m not saying there are no independent writers who have made it without publications. But they are more the exceptions and am sure brilliant tag users!

Long story short, Medium basically acts as a singular platform for publications and independent writers alike. Because it was created by a couple of Twitter guys, following their handle on Twitter may give you a little edge while sharing your posts on the microblog. But then you can do the same thing with your personal blog by using the hashtags judiciously.

Here’s an idea I have. Since anyone can have a publication on Medium, I (or for that matter anyone) can create one too. I will spread the word and ask friends to contribute. That way they will have an account. We will create a community and make Medium a little more popular in India (yeah like it still hasn’t caught on in this part of the globe). A lot of people, I noticed, created publications where they are the sole writers. Didn’t make too much sense to me. So anyway, that’s the idea. If anyone who’s reading this is game, do leave your comments below, or plagiarise the idea if you so wish!


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