Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 6

OTH..thou art our savior!

Good food. Better Times!

There is nothing in this world that does not have a cure. Temporary or otherwise. Granted, it’s a little difficult to find when you are not so sure of the malady – tangible or not. But, find you shall!

It so happened, during a particularly persistent phase of ennui I found a cure for this rather roguish (and might I add rampant) modern-day malady. For the uninitiated, Google’s succinct summary of ennui is thus:

“…a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.”

Anyway, as I was saying. I found my cure. The rotten feeling was sort of flushed out while I sat on the bright red comfortable sofa sipping on a delicious mocha at my favorite bistro. The bright sunshine pouring in through the wide panes bounced off against the creamy white walls. Unusual soft numbers played on languorously and the glutton in me stole glances at the assortment of fresh sweets and savories arranged carefully on the spotless wooden counter.

There’s something about this place. On the House better known as OTH around here. I love coming here – irrespective of my mood swings – as much for the food as for for the ambiance. There’s hardly anything left on the menu that I haven’t tasted, and yet I can’t have enough of OTH.

I – along with the husband – keep coming back for the meat and fish grills/steak doused in rich creamy sauces, Thermidor, sandwiches, hummus, appetisers or the not so mainstream Moroccan Lamb Tagine/Mexican Chili Lamb or Coconut Fish with Brown Rice; and I can go on and on. It even has an al fresco seating area. In fact, such was our addiction with the outdoor seating – during the winter months – that we dragged a couple of friends on brief vacations to the Pink City, to OTH instead of taking them to the forts and palaces! And they did not complain.

The green benches surrounded by the potted palms and street lamps (the kind you get to see in quaint films set in European cities of yore) make for a rather nice soiree spot during the mildly cold wintry days in Jaipur. Add to that personalized service, frothy coffee and fresh cookies. Such good memories!

We have ended up here for many an impromptu Sunday brunches, random dinner (dates, if you please) when cooking was too much of a pain, or simply because we felt gloomy . OTH has always welcomed us with warmth and sent us back with happy tummies and given us happier times. 



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