5 Movies that are eerily similar to Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is all over the place. Quite literally. Not that I am a Pokemon fan. But this ballyhoo sure reminds me of good ol’ cartoon network days. Pikachu is incredibly cute!


And I am so blissfully submerged in 90s nostalgia that I couldn’t help writing this post. These 5 iconic 90s movies, I find, have a lot in common with Pokemon Go.

The Usual Suspects (1995)


Excerpt from a Guardian report on July 12:

In just seven days since the game was released in the US, Australia and New Zealand, Pokémon Go has now almost certainly exceeded Twitter’s 65 million American users, and the game’s servers have repeatedly crashed under the strain of its popularity. 

Nobody saw that coming, eh? From disappearing completely to overtaking the most used micro-blogging social network (along with Tinder), Nintendo’s Pokemon Go most definitely made a classic comeback. Just like the limping, timid Verbal (Kevin Spacey) did in The Usual Suspects (if you haven’t seen this essential 90’s crime thriller, watch it!).

Forrest Gump (1994)


He ran like there was no tomorrow and Pokemon Go’s a lot about running. Check out this tweet:

Tweet 2

Also, the game has become a huge health fad. Of course, it’s more happenstance than intention. Here are couple more interesting tweets I found.


Tweet 1

The American President (1995)


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is using the game as a campaign tool. It’s a simple enough strategy. Campaign organizers for Clinton are showing up at Pokestops and gyms to register Pokemon Go Players to vote.

Oh, about the movie. It’s got no direct connection with the game. But wait! How can it get a connection bigger than Ms. Clinton using it for campaigning? And in any case, Michael Douglas’s President Andrew Shepherd, is probably the most romantic on-screen American President from the 90s!

Final Destination (2000)

Final Destination

On July 14, a Pokemon Go player found a dead body while playing the game in Nashua, New Hampshire (as reported by CBS Boston). This was the second instance of a Pokemon Go player finding a dead body in less than a week.

Okay. The first of the series came out in 2000 (I took a little liberty with the timeline). But, that is just the kind of death one would expect to see the Final Destination movies!  Talk about freak accidents. It’s scary.

 Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction

This Tarantino classic is all things whacky in a bitter-sweet way. So is Pokemon Go!

So far the game has been associates with deaths, robberies, drugs, and even home invasion of sorts. We have already told you about the deaths. In addition, Missouri police reported 4 suspects who apparently used the game’s geolocation feature to lure players to secluded spots and mug them.  That’s evil and innovative at the same time.

In Massachusetts, resident Boon Sheridan’s private property turned into a ‘gym’. Well, it used to be church 40 years ago and is still perhaps listed as a public place (where the majority of Pokemon gyms were assigned) according to existing map data.

And there’s more. In Onyx, a cop took a Pokemon Go player meet-up at 3 in the morning to be a drug deal!

So what do you think of the movie connections? And can you think of more such eerie similarities? Let me know in the comments section below.

P.S: I originally wrote this post for my company blog. They didn’t think it was ‘appropriate’.

P.PS: All images sourced from Google. I lay no claim to any of them.


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