Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 12

The One With New Year’s Eve

“Don’t spoil your New Year’s Eve,’’ said the well-meaning friend.

At 10 in the evening, the husband and I were making the most out of the free trial period on Netflix tucked under the blanket. We had returned a few hours ago after heavy duty shopping – it’s the sale season after all – and a super late scrumptious lunch at our current favorite, Cafe Bae.

The said friend had called to get us out and join a rooftop private party. Tempting as it sounded, neither of us were in a state to dress up and go out, again, notwithstanding the fact that this was a house party with bonfire, and acoustics.

I have never been a sucker for New Year parties. The one and only time I attended one, I ended up in a rather awkward spot, the details of which I have no intention of discussing. As for Mr.B, by his own admission, has become ‘too old a man to party’.

The 4 New Year’s Eve – out of which 3 have been in Jaipur – that we spent together has been nothing unusual. In 2014, we had an early dinner at a restaurant fearing the rush later in the night. At exactly 12 we’d gone up to the roof to look at the fireworks. And that was that. I can’t quite recall what we did on the last night of 2015. In 2016, we watched Assassin’s Creed in the evening and ate some pretty bad food at Handi on MI road. We didn’t have too many options at 11 in the night anyway. We had family visiting so it didn’t matter much what we ate. At 12, the sky was aglow with fireworks. Nothing new other than the fact that we were almost freezing to the bone on the rooftop. Bengalis are not really known for their strong constitution!          

With the last few moments remaining for 2017 to end, we settled in for one of George Clooney’s lesser known films. I poured us some wine in beer mugs – because it was handy – and returned to the warmth of the blanket. Sometime later, the bursting and wheezing noises outside made me realize we had stepped into another year. I made an attempt to pause the movie and go out on the Verandah, just for the heck of it. Mr.B made no movements and I think I discerned snoring. A second later, an annoyed voice barked: ‘Come back to bed’! I gathered the husband has this extraordinary capacity to snore – or at least fake snoring – while wide awake!

Clooney’s ‘termination expert’ was home and reconnecting with family; I dozed off only to wake up with a start as Mr.B exclaimed out loud ‘Oh my God, she’s married’ (and I’ll leave it at that, if you ever want to watch Up In The Air)…

I looked at the wall clock. We were already an hour into the new year…and it certainly didn’t look like I had spoiled it.


8 thoughts on “Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 12

  1. Mx. X

    Not many people I know have read Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy.
    And “‘Oh my God, she’s married!” gives away the plot to anyone who watches the movie after reading this blog. 🙂

    1. I am still to read the last one, and not many people I know notice such things. 🙂 Sorry about not placing a spoiler alert (Didn’t occur to me at that point). Try watching Twentieth Century Women instead.
      Also, thanks for reading the blog Mr. X (Jai Mohan?)

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