He feels neither pain nor hurt Heady confusion or rustic urge Abysmal numbness in his soul Dreams of elusive, eternal bliss She lives in the moment Seeking pleasure, getting stung Tears of joy, buckets of pain Takes chances again n’ again The present never begets him Ghosts of regret and failure Plagued by restless questions …

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Uptight, frigid, cold Smothered with hugs Rush of feline encore Expressions galore   Innocence or facade Vicious viper, maybe not Back-bites, moves forward Smiles, tightening knot   Quiet, broody, funny Lazy, tolerant, inscrutable Bit of a reticent bunny Aloof, warm, fathomable?   Not just gross-out joker No self-conscious prude Jealous, intelligent, insecure Explosive, moody, shrewd …

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