Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 12

The One With New Year's Eve “Don’t spoil your New Year’s Eve,’’ said the well-meaning friend. At 10 in the evening, the husband and I were making the most out of the free trial period on Netflix tucked under the blanket. We had returned a few hours ago after heavy duty shopping - it’s the …

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Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 11

The One With F.R.I.E.N.D.S This is our third winter in Jaipur. Sometimes, I can’t quite believe, it has actually been so long. Slowly but surely, we have fallen in love with this quiet and unpretentious city with its lovely colors and hues.  Until recently, the one thing that irked me - other than the obsession …

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Jaipur Diaries: Chapter 7

Home Theater! Watching movies and writing about them are two very distinct activities. While watching movies - not necessarily strictly curated ones - is still pretty much a regular affair, I have not written about any in a long-long time. Considering the sheer number of movies we do watch, I ought to write my perceptions and …

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