Darj Diaries: Day 2

For inherently lazy travelers such as us, Day 2 began rather early at around 8.30 AM. After going through our morning ablutions, we set out to have breakfast - at Keventar’s. You simply can’t give those lip smacking sausages and scrambled eggs a miss! Mr.B’s familiarity with the streets - he has done his schooling …

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Darj Diaries: Day I

For us, a trip to North Bengal was forever in the ‘To Do’ list for as long as I can remember. Just as the winters in Jaipur were fading away, we set our long-pending plan in motion, on a whim. The little that we have travelled together has mostly been about getting away from the …

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Will Wonder Woman Finally Let DC Match up to Marvel?

Ever since the resurgence of ‘SuperHero Movies’ during the early noughties, nerd culture has become the  new cool. Maybe Big Bang Theory did its bit to make ‘geek chic’ more mainstream. But by and large it has always been Camp DC vs. Camp Marvel. SuperHero movies were apparently not quite blockbuster material that they have …

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